Women Rule

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley on how Democrats can win the Midwest

Episode Summary

"There’s a lot of discussion about Ohio, whether or not it’s a red state," says Nan Whaley, the democratic mayor of Dayton. "I don’t think it is." Whaley explains how the party can win in the industrial midwest in 2020, and why she's hoping Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) will get in the race for president.

Episode Notes

Nan Whaley has always known she was a democrat. Her father was a union worker and her mother was a local official in their small Indiana town. She got into politics after going to Dayton for college, and she became the youngest woman elected to the Dayton City Commission, at age 29. She offers her perspective on how to get comfortable with asking for political donations -- "You’re asking people to invest in you and invest in the vision that you’re trying to move forward" -- and what she learned from her failed campaign to be Ohio's governor.